Without all of you there would be no USDR

March 22, 2012

 Hello All...

I wanted to take this time to remind everyone that without every single person involved in USDR there would be no USDR. From the Racers to the Familes, the Sweep Crews to the Sign-Up Screws and everyone in between!

The last few rounds has really shown how strong the USDR family really is. With the loss of a large chunk of our work force with the departure of the Burrows Family and the 5-10 people they had with them we really pulled together and made sure this series goes off without a hitch!

The Sweep Crews and IRRC

Keith and Kevin Lutge do an AMAZING job every round of making sure we're safe and having fun and if any one is Injured they are on it! 

Brad Fike and Brad Hisgen both step up and do a great job at the Anza Rounds and when every they're needed. 

Brian Kazan has always been there for the USDR crew keeping us safe and doing sweep for IRRC and making sure to be the first responder at all times!

Jim and all the IRRC staff do a great job of keeping us safe and making sure if any one gets injured they are on top of it and getting you the care that you need!

Sign Up and Scoring

Elva Earll, Bob and Linda Smart have all been with the series since the very beginning and without their tireless efforts doing sign-up for all you crazy people we would never be able to make things run as smoothly. You must have a strong foundation to the race before you can get it started and they make sure to make it happen.

Melissa Kudla was volunteered, by myself, against her will at most times, to run the Moto-Tally wing of our scoring and she has done an amazing job getting our results out and posted online within the hour of the final checkered flag on the day. Most times even quicker! 

Dorreen Bangert volunteered herself to help with Moto-Tally, Scoring, Sign up and anything in between.

Pit Chief and Go To Guy

Mitch Bangert is my right hand man when it comes to the actual running of the events. He keeps the pits in line and running smoothly and if I need something done out on the course (course markings down or anything) He hops to it and gets it done! He is a huge help laying the courses and pulling the courses.

Kriss Kudla helps whenever he isn't pitting for the entire VCMC racing team during the races. He keeps the pits up to snuff and makes sure everyone keeps their speeds down. He also is in charge of tech inspection and making sure everyone is on the right row and ready to race.


We've got lots of people all around the course taking amazing photos including Falconer Photos and Nespor Photos. You guys are keeping us looking good and helping us promote the series which is great!

Random Volunteers

This is really where everyone has stepped up and its AMAZING! We've had more people volunteer to help set up, tear down, run a road crossing and do anything they can to ensure the lively hood of the series. From the entire AS Racing crew, to the Lazars', the Nespors', the Bangerts, the Fikes, the Hisgens, all the kids racers and everyone in between. You absolutely are the greatest help and are truly making the entire series stronger and proud!!!


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