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TEAM RACE sign-up procedures:

1, Sign-up online individually using the U.S.D.R. number you races with in 2016. If you finished in the top ten you may compete with that number 1-10. If you did not race with U.S.D.R. in 2016, please contact us prior to filling out your on-line application at raceusdr@gmail.com or call 661-478-2318 to get your official U.S.D.R. number.

2, Once you and your team mate have signed up individually online, fill out and return the TEAM RACE application below.



CLICK HERE for PRO class entry 

CLICK HERE for M/C and QUAD class entry

CLICK HERE for SUPER KIDZ race entry


CLICK HERE to print your TEAM RACE application (once you are entered individually)

e-mail your team race app to raceusdr@gmail.com

please do not mail or fax after monday 4-18-17

Once completed, please return your application by fax to: 661-295-1672
or mail to:
28310 Avenue Crocker unit B
Valencia, Ca. 91355