Kidz Series



The U.S.D.R. Super-Kidz Race Series is a Fast and Fun (short course / multi-lap) event for kids of all ages. Courses are  2.0 to 3.0 miles in length. Courses are designed to be manageable and fun for kids with reasonable riding skills.
   1, If you are not confident in your child's ability to negotiate the course, please do not enter them in the race.
   2, No moving vehicles will be allowed within 20 feet of the race course. DO NOT follow your child around on the outskirts of the track.
   3, If any parent obstructs the course during the event, their child may be disqualified.
   4, NO ALCOHOL will be permitted at any time within 100 ft of the Kidz race course or Start/Finish line. This will be strictly enforced by U.S.D.R. and BLM!  
   SUPER 50................0 to 51cc 2 stoke KTM'S / or equivalent manual trans 50's 
                                     0 to 10 years old
   SUPER 65................51cc to 65cc 2 stroke / 71cc to 125cc 4 stroke
                                     0 to 11 years old
   MINI..........................66cc to 85cc 2 stroke (NO BIG WHEEL or CRF-150's)
                                     0 to 12 years old
   SUPER MINI............66 to 112cc 2 stroke / 100 to 150 4 stroke (BIG WHEEL OK)
                                     9 to 15 years old
   RED MOUNTAIN 100........APRIL 22nd. (Dirt Diggers Camp)



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(Kids that raced U.S.D.R. last year may use their 2016 number for the April 22nd event. If they finished in the top 10 last year, they may use that number. If they did not race U.S.D.R in 2016, please call 661-478-2318 or e-mail to get a number free of charge for this race.)

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