Nick Burson - 4/12/12

April 12, 2012


The first two rounds of the USDR series went about as great as I could expect them to.  I ended up winning the team race at each event and also the Overall of race 2.  I have been enjoying the new format that USDR has been using but I am also really looking forward to getting back in the desert for the next round.  This year has been a lot different for me then years past.  I have a new team, new sponsors and just a new outlook on being a professional racer.  I am having a lot more fun this year also.  Since the last round of USDR I have been concentrating on my other two main series that I am contesting this year: BITD and National Hare and Hounds.  Both series have been going really well for me.  The last BITD was the Laughlin Hare Scrambles and my teammate Justin Morrow and I got 2nd overall.  Then it was on to Idaho for round #3 of the Nationals.  I went up a week early and spent some time riding in the area getting familiar with the terrain and trying to be better prepared for racing out of state.  The race went ok considering I had a really bad start.  I finished 5th overall, which is what I am trying to accomplish this season.  I want to be in the top 5 at every National and see where that puts me at the end of the year points wise. 

            After the National, which, was a few weeks ago now, I have done something a lot different then in years past.  I haven’t had a race for 3 weeks in a row.  It seems that my schedule usually has no down time but this year it has worked out where I have been able to take some weekends off and focus on training and riding.  When I am racing every weekend it is hard to get any good training in.  So for the last 3 weeks I haven’t really taken any time off I just haven’t been at the races.  A normal day for lately is to ride in the mornings whether that be load up and head to a track and do motos or leave from the house and go for a 100mile trail ride.  When I get done with riding its on to the gym.  My training of choice right now is Crossfit.  It’s a great workout and keeps me motivated rather then just working out by myself at a normal gym. I have been doing this about 6 days a week and I’m looking for it to pay off in the next few races coming up.

            In the next month I have 3 Nationals, one in Lucerne and two in Utah.  I’m really looking forward to these races to see if I can get myself a top 3 before the summer break.  Then after the Nationals it is time to get ready for the next USDR.  It should be great to get back in the desert where the series began.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the races!


Good luck,

Nick Burson

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