New Racer Q&A



Q. How do I become a member of U.S.D.R?
A. U.S.D.R. memberships are not required for 2021.

Q. How do I know what number to run?
A. All racers are assigned a number by U.S.D.R. You will be assigned and given numbers along with a colored bar for your front number plate. this will be your number for the entire season, even if you advance in skill level your number will remain the same. Contact us at to get your rider number.

Q. How does the skill ranking work, do i have to start as a Sportsman?
A. All first time U.S.D.R. racers MUST start in the Sportsman class unless they carry an intermediate or expert license in another organization. Remember, competing in the beginner class does not mean you are a beginner rider, it simply means you are new to racing. there is a transfer system that moves you up, the higher classes are earned.

Q. Are the courses hard? Will I be able to make it?
A. You will do fine. all U.S.D.R. courses are laid out to be fast and fun. If you are experienced on a dirt bike, you will have a lot of fun on the course.

Q. How many miles will i have to go?
A. Our courses are usually 12-15 miles in length. For 2019 we will be running our events using our new "Split-Stage" system. Riders from the same class will leave the line every 60-90 sec. If you are in Group-1 you will run four times around the loop for approx 60 miles total. If you are in Group-2 you will run three times around the loop for a total of approx 45 miles. There is a break between each stage.

Q. Will I have to pit?
A.  Depending on the fuel mileage of your bike, you may need to pit. We will have a designated pit area adjacent to the finish line area.


1.) Do not ride on any part of the race course at any time other than your race or after the completion of the event.

2.) NO speeding in or around the camp or sign-up area!

3.) BLM will ticket speeders, or children riding without helmets.

4.) NO alcohol is allowed along the race course, in the pits or on the start line.

5.) This is a family organization, please conduct yourself appropriately.

6.) You may walk the start before the race in order to scout for lines or danger spots.

7.) U.S.D.R. has a number of qualified SWEEP riders that are on the course at all times. If you break down or get hurt, STAY WHERE YOU ARE. sweep will be to you shortly.

8.) Chase riders, aka "chase dads" are not allowed at U.S.D.R. if you are not entered in the race you may not be on the race course at any time during the event.

9.) Please do not wear fluorescent "safety Yellow" clothing during the race, that color is reserved for rescue/sweep personnel.



1.) The official Pit area will be reserved for pit crew personnel only. All pit crew personnel must sign the U.S.D.R. Pit Release form at sign-up and obtain your wrist band.

2.) No children under the age of 5 will be allowed in the Pit area.

3.) No pets of any kind will be allowed in the Pit area at any time.

 No crossing of the race course in the Scoring or Pit area will be allowed at any time.

5.) A strict speed limit of 10 mph in the Pit area will be enforced at all times.

6.) A strict speed limit of 15 mph in the Scoring area will be enforced at all times.

7.) Spectators must stay 50 feet from the race course at all times, except in designated Pit and Scoring areas. 

8.) All safety regulations will be enforced by U.S.D.R. staff first and BLM Rangers second.

9.) BLM enforcement officials will be present during all race activities.

10.) There is a 15 mph speed limit within 100 feet of the U.S.D.R. sign-up area, speeders will be ticketed by BLM.