Transfer System




Competitors in the motorcycle and quad classes will be advanced in skill level based on a “transfer ride” system. A transfer ride is achieved when a competitor places a finish within the top 20% of his class, i.e., If there are 10 entries in a class, the top 2 finishers will be awarded transfer rides. Transfers needed are as follows:

To Move From Sportsman to Intermediate 3 T-Rides
To Move From Intermediate to Expert 5 T-Rides



Competitors may solicit a class change, or special dispensation by contacting the race program director or class representative in writing. U.S.D.R. Also reserves the right to transfer riders to a different class should it be deemed necessary. First time racers who wish to enter the intermediate, expert, or pro class must provide proof of an equivalent license with a known organization which has been held within the last 5 years. 

A competitor will keep his accumulated transfer rides even if they switch classes, based on cc limit or age group.